our charities

Nature and its cacophony of creatures are key inspirations throughout our designs, and as such Hayley is determined to give back to the wild. As part of an ongoing commitment, Hayley Menzies stands in solidarity with a number of animal charities and encourages customer donations while actively making its own. You can donate to Smart Works, WWF and Wild Tomorrow at checkout, your support is much appreciated.

wild tomorrow

Wild Tomorrow are dedicated to the protection of threatened and endangered species and the habitats they depend on for survival, ensuring that the world that comes after us is a world in which a wild tomorrow is possible. Working on the ground in Southern Africa, their vision is for a world in which wildlife habitats are expanded and protected, where existing reserves have the resources needed to keep their animals safe.


smart works

Smart Works is a UK charity that exists to give women the confidence they need to reach their full potential, secure employment and change the trajectory of their lives. At the heart of Smart Works sits a dressing and coaching service designed to help our clients be the best version of themselves at a crucial moment in their lives.



WWF are finding ways to help transform the future for the world’s wildlife, rivers, forests and seas; pushing for a reduction in carbon emissions that will avoid catastrophic climate change; and pressing for measures to help people live sustainably, within the means of our one planet.