In a momentous first, Hayley makes her denim debut with jeans that speak to the maximalist soul…

From the very start, denim has had a presence in the way we build out collections, with Hayley often delving into her personal archive to style our collection with rare vintage finds. From our signature knits to beaded tees, add a pair of jeans and you’ve got the effortless glamour we strive for. Denim has formed an important role in our design story – but for too long we were only telling half the tale. Finally, the missing chapter is complete!

You’ll find all-new prints, highly intricate techniques and washes translated into a variety everyday and statement fits, suited to every body type. Everything you need to build a full Hayley Menzies look. Even our most-recognisable Leopardess gets a new lease of life on this fresh canvas. Finished to perfection with bespoke in-house hardware inspired by our big cat mascot – a luxurious detail you’ll find on every single pair.

"Why denim? We just thought it was the most obvious thing in the world to do. So many of you are calling in and asking what to pair with your icon knits - just denim, voila. It was so obvious.

Our Denim to Live your Stories campaign is as much an ode to denim as it is those who wear it. Starring beautiful, courageous women from 25 through to 70, all with a refined rebel spirit."



As we continue on our journey towards greener fabrics and processes, we’re aware that denim has a less than favourable reputation in this area. However, as with all our clothing, our denim has been created to sit under the pillar of Future Vintage: unique and special designs of the highest quality, to be passed down after a life well lived.

Every piece of AW22 denim is designed in our London studio and made in Puglia, Italy; meticulously crafted with exceptional fabric and details designed to support the cut and function of every style. From the degree of fade to the level of stretch required to endure the adventures of life’s refined rebels.







Creative Director: Hayley Menzies
Photographer: Stef Galea
Director Of Photography & Editor: Fabio Guglielmelli
Stylist: Christopher Maul
Make Up: Jo Frost
Hair: Jordan Cobella