Our Ultimate Guide: How to Store Knitwear


The timeless charm of knitwear is undisputed. From snug jumpers to elegant cardigans, these pieces are a testament to both fashion and comfort. Yet, like all cherished things, they require tender love and care. The way we store our knitwear can influence its lifespan, appearance, and feel. Let’s delve into the craft of how to store knitwear the right way. 


Whether it's the ultra-soft feeling of Italian cotton or the timeless sophistication of wool, understanding the unique narrative of your knitwear is pivotal to its care. At Hayley Menzies, our Knitwear collection is an ode to this craft. Expertly spun from extra fine merino wool to luxurious alpaca, our pieces burst forth in jubilant hues and motifs—each echoing the Hayley Menzies signature charm.

Adorned with joyous jumpers, regal cardigans, and intricate cotton jacquard dusters, our collection is more than just a visual feast. It’s a commitment to sustainable luxury, with responsibly sourced yarns and artisanal embellishments. Here's to celebrating knitwear that not only evokes happiness but also cherishes the craft behind it. Proper storage starts by acknowledging this artistry and the distinct features of each knit piece.


When it comes to Hayley Menzies knitwear, crafted from the softest merino wool or the plush luxury of alpaca, how to store knitwear becomes paramount. Should they be gently folded or gracefully hung? This question is met with a blend of art and science…

As we dive into the Hayley Menzies collection, featuring pieces bursting with vivid colours and decorative motifs, the answer becomes clearer. Some of these treasures thrive when folded, preserving their shape and essence, while others reveal their full splendour when hung with care.

For instance, an Italian Cotton Jumper or a OEKO-TEX Cardigan from the Hayley Menzies collection, folding is the preferred method. This ensures longevity and maintains the vibrant designs and delicate craftsmanship associated with the brand. When in doubt, always opt for folding knitwear, as it's a safer bet to retain the garment's beauty and structure. If one must hang, use padded hangers to minimize stress points, but always be vigilant of potential stretching or distortion.


In the world of knitwear, how to store knitwear is an art in itself. Each piece from Hayley Menzies is an ode to artistry and deserves an environment to match its grandeur. Factors such as humidity, temperature, and even the subtle play of light can influence their longevity and lustre.

Too much moisture might distort their shape; excessive heat could affect their texture, and direct sunlight might fade their vivid hues. Opt for breathable storage boxes that protect yet allow them to breathe. Position them in places shielded from direct light. And, for an added touch of care, nestle them with aromatic sachets like lavender, not just to ward off pests but to infuse a gentle, pleasant scent.


Hayley Menzies exquisite pieces are vulnerable to nature's small nuisances like moths. But, regularly attending to any spots or dirt, paired with mindful storage—think cedar and lavender sachets—ensures their lasting elegance. And should you face a more pressing moth menace, consider briefly freezing garments or consulting pest control maestros. 


The cyclical dance of the seasons brings with it not only changes in nature but also in our wardrobe choices. As the world outside transforms, Hayley Menzies knitwear deserves a rotation that mirrors these shifts.

But this rotation isn't merely about matching fashion to the weather - it's about preservation. Storing heavier pieces in summer prevents them from wear and potential damage, and similarly, letting delicate knits rest in colder seasons ensures their longevity. This act of rotating also gives one an opportunity to inspect, clean, and mend any wear or tear, ensuring that each piece remains in pristine condition for its next seasonal debut.

In the symphony of knitwear care, each detail plays a vital role, from the environment of storage to the method chosen. With Hayley Menzies' guidance, your cherished pieces can remain ageless, echoing their original splendour and story for seasons to come.