Tastemakers Like No (Mother): Stephanie and Annabel

Stephanie and Annabel are not your average mother-daughter duo. You won't catch them leisurely sipping mint tea at a spa on Mother's Day. Instead, they're more likely to be found borrowing each other’s clothes before tearing up the dance floor of a club. Look up our definition of a refined rebel and you’ll find them both there, proving that style and attitude has no age limit - nor does a love for Hayley Menzies.Stephanie commands attention as a model, still tearing up the industry in her 70s. Her impeccable style tells the tale of a life well-lived, but that’s not all she imparts to her daughter - rebellion clearly runs in their blood. Annabel, a burgeoning musician and producer, known as ABEL, has summer residencies lined up at iconic Ibiza venues like Pacha and Hi!. Amidst the throbbing basslines, expect Stephanie to be showing motherly support as only she knows how—by dancing until dawn behind the decks.In honour of Mother’s Day, we caught up with them to hear more about their unique bond, shared style and that one time Stephanie went viral at Ushuaia
What is the craziest adventure you've been on together?
Mum comes out to Ibiza, and we have such a fun time romping around the island. Last summer I was closing at 5am and Mum was going for it in the booth next to me!!
Who mothers who more these days?
We're both quite stubborn and bossy so there's a lot going on. We're sort of like sisters now I suppose.
Who is more likely to break curfew? 
ABEL because she doesn't like sticking to rules.
Stephanie, how do you balance being a mother and a friend to Annabel?
She's never going to listen to me anyway, so I just have to close my eyes and applaud her when she achieved the crazy thing she's set out to do.
Annabel, which pieces are you eyeing up in your mother's wardrobe?
All the stuff Mum wore in the Koibird campaign is next level!!
Annabel, how has your mother's style inspired your own?
She taught me how to power dress. And the importance of a shoulder pad.
Stephanie, what style tips have you picked up from your daughter?
She has given me lots of statement pieces she has worn at previous gigs and got me into chunky gold jewellery.
Annabel, how did it feel seeing your mum go viral?
It was hilarious. Mum was bossing it dancing on the stage in Ushuaia in Ibiza and TikTok really fell in love with her which was nice to see.
You both live in Notting Hill- what draws you to the area? 
The sense of community. We love the market and all the characters you meet along the way.
Which Hayley Menzies pieces are you both fighting over?
We are obsessed with the ‘Hari Merino Jacquard Smoking Robe Camel’ but we both have one each so no need to fight thank goodness.