Winter 2023 Fashion Trends

 There are many things we love about Great Britain, from the musical greats such as The Beatles, to fashion icons through the decades from Vivienne Westwood to Kate Moss. But we also have a deep-rooted love for the British weather, and by that we mean the seasons. The change in temperature brings with it the wholesome opportunity to throw some new shapes with your wardrobe and hide the summer dresses at the back of your closet and bring out the cosy knits, merinos, boucle, and cashmere.

And with that, we want to guide you through the top winter 2023 fashion trends, from denim to prints and everything and anything thick and cosy to see you through the cold, winter evenings.

Winter 2023 Fashion Trends: Statement Ankle Grazing Coats

Seen across fashion weeks from Paris to Milan and back to our hometown of London, was the winter coat. They ranged from the traditional camel coat to statement floor-sweeping cover-ups. Arguably, a staple in any wardrobe located in the British Isles, the winter coat needs to tick many boxes. The coat itself needs to be warm, that’s criteria number one but there are more to contend with.
Material is everything when it comes to the winter coat, quality fibres ensure that you are kept warm, that the coat itself can stand the test of time and see you through many winters to come. The smoking robes at Hayley Menzies are made with 100% Merino Wool and each take over seven hours to complete with our artisanal craftsman.
Quality is essential. Look at where your coat is made and the price tag. Coats should be an investment piece; you should envision keeping your coat for winter after winter and only adding to your chic coat collection. Always look at the label this will tell you important information such as how to care for your coat to ensure you keep it looking its best year after year.
At Hayley Menzies we believe that making a statement is everything. Your winter coat can make an outfit or simply be the outfit itself. Our Hari Merino Jacquard Smoking Robe in Camel is the epitome of relaxed elegance. In a ferociously fierce cheetah print, adding confidence to the wearer, gold dome buttons and a dash of vibrant red – it’s keeping in line with all the Winter 2023 fashion trends.

Winter 2023 Fashion Trends: Liquid Metal & Sparkle

Metallics are always a popular choice for the winter season as with the change in temperature comes a whole host of festivities. This year the catwalk saw no holding back when it came to dazzling sequins and head-to-toe sparkles. Adding some sheen to your daily outfit can be the perfect opportunity to brighten up your day when the sun is taking a rest. A sparkly top can be made more casual with a cardigan draped over the top or stand alone for cocktails and small plates at your favourite restaurant.
The Co-Ord never goes out of fashion due to its ability to make a bold statement while remaining effortlessly cool. Wearing a matching two-piece gives a decisive, deliberate choice about your look without being overbearing or too traditional. The Co-Ord is the workwear for the modern feminist in all of us.
The Moonshine Sequin Knit trousers and coordinated top are created in a featherlight yarn threaded with multiple sequins. It’s a delicate party piece for the refined rebel at any point in the day because we always have an element of disco fever in the winter season.

Winter 2023 Fashion Trends: Denim, Denim & More Denim

Come rain or shine, denim is always in season and there’s no exception for Winter 2023 fashion. We have spent countless hours perfecting our denim collection, from curating the perfect cut, rigorously testing the fit and fabric while exploring techniques to make an everyday style extraordinary.
The cut of your denim should be flattering. Whether you’re going for a wide, tapered or flared leg, you should think about how you want to wear the jeans. Most people don’t have just one pair of jeans in their wardrobe, opt for a variety of different cuts so that you can wear them with different outfits. The Belle Starr Laser Print Wide Leg Jeans are evocatively flattering by nature, sitting on the waist and elongating the leg. They can be worn down with a simple sneaker, or up with an elegant pair of black boots.

It's important to select a good-quality jean because you want them to keep their shape. Always look at the garment care guide, most of our jeans are machine wash cool to ensure they stay looking exactly how they do when you first try them on.

Denim is a staple in your wardrobe but there’s no reason for it to be boring. The Acid Wash Crystal Vintage Tapered Jeans combine multiple Winter 2023 fashion trends in one piece. Tapered tailoring, thick quality denim and a dash of liquid metal to keep the stars twinkling on your outfit.

Winter 2023 Fashion Trends: Maximalist Knitwear

There is no winter wardrobe complete without a few key knits. A theme close to our heart, printed knitwear in a variety of patterns, materials and cuts hit the catwalks reviving our love of vintage.
Cardigans or jumpers are going to be worn with the majority of your outfits, so you need to choose wisely. Investment is key, cheap materials and synthetic fibres are not only bad for the environment, but they are unlikely to last you more than one season in addition to making you feel uncomfortable when you wear them.
The Leopardess Cotton Merino Bomber Jacket is our winter pick of the season. Created with 100% cotton and merino wool, each jacket took over eight hours to complete, testament to its quality.
It comes lined with satin quilting for extra warmth and luxury and is designed using a bouquet of clashing colours and prints – red, pink and leopard print. Red has already been cited as the colour of the season, making this bomber jacket tick all of the fashion boxes.