Introducing Memories of Utopia


For Spring Summer 2023, Hayley Menzies escapes into an abundant and untouched world; free from human intervention and encroached only by our gentle gaze. A flashback to a forgotten time or the daydream of a better future, Hayley continues her long love affair with the wild with a collection centered around paradisiacal landscapes and flourishing creatures. It offers an escape into the extraordinary - a fantasy sparked, as always, by her vintage discoveries along London’s Portobello Road. Inspired by a 1980’s painting traditionally gifted after a safari in the Maasai Mara reserve, native animals wander blissfully in nature; relaxed, full of vitality and joy – a mood that extends to the effortless silhouettes on which they heavily feature.
Each piece celebrates craftmanship; keeping traditional handiwork and techniques alive to support artisanal communities. Even the most polished of party pieces are softened with organic references – wooden belts, rope details, hand-beading and intricate geometric embroidery. New developments arise in machine-embroidered cotton and richly-dyed jacquard tie dye, and an influx of easy day to evening shapes suited to the varied lifestyle of our refined rebels. This season’s explorers will uncover in-house illustrated prints alongside watercolours - painted by Hayley’s father, John - roaming on responsibly sourced fabrics. 
The namesake Memories of Utopia print showcases yellow-billed stork and birds hidden among bountiful flora and trees – the Marula tree and Baobab – whose figures are synonymous with the African skyline. Antelope lives unhunted, relieved to see cats appear only as the Tiger Splash print – featuring in the latest Icon knit and lurex silk jacquard, a highly-technical fabric that has emerged as a Menzies leitmotif. Denim continues its adventures, stalking new territory in inky dyes, bleached washes and fresh prints. Whether an everyday jersey top or a glittering evening gown, every piece is treated with the exactitude required to create the vintage of the future.


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